Holiday Jewels: Conflict Free and Eco-Friendly

December 22nd, 2009 BY nparkington | No Comments
Brilliant Earth ring

There are some fantastic resources available now for finding a great diamond ring, whether that is an engagement ring, anniversary band, right hand ring, cocktail ring, or for any other occasion… Who doesn’t love a sparkly ring on her [or his] finger?

Now that the idea of “conflict free” diamonds is more well known you can do a search online and find a few companies that sell them. One of the larger options is BrilliantEarth. They sell diamonds from Canada and they state that “Brilliant Earth’s Canadian diamonds are mined, cut, and polished with environmentally  responsible and fair labor practices. Diamonds from Canada are wholly free from violence and human rights abuses.” You can read more about their practices on their website. I fell for this eternity ring.  They have a wonderful fine jewelry section with earrings, pendants, rings and the option to customize your own conflict free ring. You can even select recycled gold. Their timeless white gold studs are beautiful, but the yellow gold stood out to me. Yellow gold seems to be making a comeback… 

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive and with some whimsy, visit Christy’s designs are eco-friendly, shine with animal rights, and can be custom stamped to include your eco message or name. Here are two versions of the “tree hugger” pendants stamped on recycled aluminum (also available in sterling silver). 

Another eco-friendly option is to visit your local consignment shops or jewelry store that has estate jewelry. You can find some beautiful things, have them sized if need be, and ponder the history of the jewelry.