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  • 19324_zoom1[1]

    Chakra Your Way to Inner Peace.

    There are a lot of different things that can classify an item as “eco-friendly” and not all of them may be as obvious as others. Some items that a...

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  • 20404_zoom1[1]

    Recycled Fire Hose Belts

    Lori Burley's fire hose belt is an interesting piece of work for a few different reasons. While it may not be something that really fits all seasons, ...

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  • 38037[1]

    Oh, Alpacas

    I've been thinking a lot about just how many different types of yarn there are out there. You may think that's a bit crazy, but I think about things l...

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  • 40688[1]

    Feeding with Saris and Cell Phones

    If there's one thing to be said about things that are made out of old recycled materials from across the world, it's that they're unique. You'd be har...

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  • Lamba-Landy[1]

    Sustainable Fashion-- Malagasy Style

    There's no denying the impact of supposed “free trade” agreements on the livelihood of local communities. These agreements allow international cor...

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  • SC102-2[1]

    Crazy Cans from Space

    There are a few instances in life where you get one of those strange opportunities to select a cool little accessory for yourself while simultaneously...

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  • SL102-2[1]

    Trash to Treasure

    To be honest, I really do like all of the things that I write about on here. I always write about things that I think are fun or cool, and I'm proud o...

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  • BO101-2[1]

    From Landmines to Earrings

    There are a few things in life that we automatically assume just don't go together. Garlic and ice cream is a great example. So is cotton candy and sc...

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  • bracelet

    Pop Tops. Fashion. You Fill in the Rest.

    Who has two thumbs and likes old, used crap that has been taken out of the junk-heap and turned into something useful? This guy right here. Whil...

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  • 2_037__92775_zoom

    Eco-Friendly Yarn

    As a fan of DIY products of all shapes and sizes, I have become overwhelmingly enthralled with knitting. Call me old fashioned, but I think that there...

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