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  • recycled-newspaper-bead-earrings

    Newspaper Earrings

    I recently had an anniversary with my wife (only two years, hold your applause), and I wanted to get her some interesting stuff to mark the occasion. ...

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  • 6a00d8341bfaf553ef01156eecf042970c-800wi

    Scrappy (Not Crappy) Scarves

    Yeah, I thought it said crappy at first. I thought, what a horrible marketing schema to use... but man I was wrong. Upon further inspection, these thi...

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  • Soft-Star-RunAmok

    The Beast: Part Deux

    Keeping in line with my last post about minimalist running, I'd like to talk about one of the best shoe manufacturers out there. They're one of the on...

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  • 98d1703f-7077-4469-b477-f0b73d7c31c3

    Unleash the BEAST.

    Running is a big part of my life, and I like to consider myself an avid runner. It's not only great exercise (duh), but it's also a great way to get o...

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  • teelogow

    Buying Organic Cotton Clothes. Plus Bamboo. Read On-- You'll Get It.

    I don't hide the fact that I loves me some organic cotton and bamboo, and I make it a point to only buy cotton products if they're organic. Most peopl...

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  • resource

    Osprey to the Rescue

    Now, I'm a backpacker and an avid outdoorsman. I love the outdoors, I love the fresh air, I love getting some mileage on my boots, and I love my Ospre...

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  • BAF3-washbag-side

    Recycled Eco Bags

    Recycled things are just plain cool. I mean, not only is it great to reuse things instead of throwing them into the landfill, but there's also an extr...

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  • Black-Friday-Timberland-Womens-Earthkeepers-Mount-Holly-Tall-Lace-Duck-Boot

    Eco-Gifting for the Holidays: Boots

    Boots and shoes can be some of the most wasteful products that anyone can purchase. There are a number of reasons for this, but there are one big fact...

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  • 6055-blko-prod

    Eco-Friendly Shoes

    These days, there are innumerable ways for people to make more environmentally conscious purchases. Not only can you buy recycled papers, plastics, an...

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  • Photo by Patrick Gillooly via MIT News

    Solar Cells Can Be Printed On Fabric

    Researchers at MIT have discovered a method for printing photovoltaic cells on common materials such as paper and fabrics. The most amazing part is th...

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