Eco-Friendly Wallets

March 5th, 2010 BY dalgal | No Comments

Occasionally as I’m browsing the internet I come across some items or companies that are eco-friendly and sustainable and I just HAVE to share.

Alchemy Goods
Alchemy Goods says it all with their mission statement “Turning
useless into useful”. Alchemy Goods was conceived one day when a busy cyclists messenger bag got stolen, being eco-friendly they didn’t want to just run out and replace it. Instead they took a second look around at what was on hand and made something using the old inner tubes from bikes, and Alchemy Goods was born.

Alchemy Goods sells many recycled products including bags, wallets, credit card holders, belts and more! All made from recycled materials, namely used bicycle inner tubes. Each product in their store lists the percentage of recycled product in the item description, and is competitively priced. Plus in the niche fashion market how many people can say their belt in made from an inner tube? Definitely very chic as well as eco-friendly!

Another great find in the Alchemy are bottle re-openers. At first glance I wasn’t sure what was so special about these items but these are 100% recycled bottle openers, and they are made from… seat belt clasps (you’d never guess!). Alchemy goods worked with a local blacksmith to reshape the clasps into recycled bottle openers, what a great project and really thinking outside the box!

Recycled Items
As well as recycling inner tubes and seat belt clasps Alchemy Goods uses lots more unusual items in it products including: Inner tube valves, advertising banner recycling, seat belts, and reclaimed mesh. By using all these recycled items each product made is completely unique!

For our family a great bonus for these products is they are 100% vegetarian, and a great alternative to leather! Bike inner tubes are extremely durable so these products should last a heck of a long time, and Alchemy Goods warranty states that the company “stands behind their goods for the whole of their (second) lifetime”.

Another company offering belts and wallets using recycled bicycle tires is Wikkerink Design. They only have a limited variety compared to Alchemy Goods but it’s awesome that more companies are popping up offering these great recycled products for the eco-friendly consumer.