From Landmines to Earrings

January 26th, 2012 BY jareds | No Comments

There are a few things in life that we automatically assume just don’t go together. Garlic and ice cream is a great example. So is cotton candy and scotch. Of all the things that don’t seem to go together that I can think of, land mines and jewelry never crossed my mind. Despite this, I seem to have stumbled upon one of the greatest things in the universe, if not in a literal sense then in a philosophical sense. What is it? Earrings made out of old land mines.

Let’s get it straight first: they’re decommissioned. Second: land mines are absolutely horrifyingly evil. Over the course of our militaristic history, land mines have been used tactically to scare the opposing army out of trying to cross a specific territory. What the vile scum that laid these things into the ground never seemed to do was pull the terrible things out and get rid of them. Since the mines weren’t laid down in countries with highly developed infrastructures, the general mentality was that they should just be left there to blow the legs off of some kids while they play soccer in an old field.

Enter the many non-profits that work tirelessly and bravely to pull these things out of the ground and make life safe again for children and farmers. After all, why should they have to live with the constant fear that the next step they take could be their last? This model of jewelry is crafted out of the metal from the old land mines that are pulled out of the ground and decommissioned. They are specifically crafted by local artisans that are given a fair shake at getting a good price on something that they work hard on, further helping the local communities that were once ravaged by these land mines.

Everyone that reads this knows that I’m a huge fan of recycling. However, what you may not know is that I’ve been involved with a few non-profits over the years that work to pull these terrible things out of the ground. This is a great way to contribute to a cause, while simultaneously buying yourself a notable conversation piece.