Save Money on Kids Clothes

March 8th, 2012 BY jareds | No Comments

If you have a kid, then you know one thing above all else: they cost a fortune. It’s not really something that you completely comprehend until you actually have the kids, then it’s something that only makes itself more apparent as the days go on. Not only do you have to feed them at least three times a week, but you’re constantly buying things like diapers and new clothes. Well, there is only so much that you can do about all of these expenses, but now you have something in your corner to help out with all of those clothing expenses.

Plum is a unique company that offers a great alternative to buying new clothes all the time. Billed by many as the “Netflix of baby clothes,” Plum allows subscribers to simply swap out old clothes for new ones as their child gets older. For example, let’s say that you have a newborn baby. Instead of buying all new clothes, you’d get a subscription to Plum and they’d send you the newborn clothes you need. Then, when your baby outgrows those clothes, you simply send them back to Plum and they send you larger clothes. The older clothes are sent to other customers with smaller kids, and the cycle goes on and on. Obviously, if the clothes are so messed up that they couldn’t reasonably be sent to another customer, they are recycled and not sent back to more customers. It’s a really great system for conserving resources and saving money at the same time.

Part of the problems that arise from having kids is the cost. It simply costs money to raise kids, and that is an absolute fact. However, if you take some specialized steps to help mitigate those costs, you can go a long way toward saving way more money than you ever thought was possible.