Trash to Treasure

January 30th, 2012 BY jareds | No Comments

To be honest, I really do like all of the things that I write about on here. I always write about things that I think are fun or cool, and I’m proud of that fact. However, there are times when I look at the prices on some of the things that I write about on here and think to myself “MAN!” They’re THAT expensive. Sometimes, they are ridiculously overpriced (in my estimation). Other times, they are only on the edge. That’s why it’s nice to sometimes highlight things that are cool or fun but that won’t cost you a fortune.

These bracelets are a great example of this, and they are a cool, fun way to get an environmentally friendly gift for yourself or someone else that won’t cost a fortune. The basic premise of the wrist bands is that they are made out of recycled t shirts. The shirts are cut into strips or strands of fiber, woven very tightly, and then strung together to form a bracelet. The result is a great, colorful mixture of old shirts that come together to give you a very unique product that will be different from any other that you can find out there. This is especially true with these bracelets since they are made out of uniquely different source materials, meaning it’s literally impossible to get two bracelets that look identical.

I think that that’s really one of the best things about buying “up-cycled” stuff– especially clothing. Not only are you getting something that is really great for the environment, but you are also getting something that is totally unique. I never really understood why people clamber for the latest fashions in magazines, when they’re really just going to end up looking like every other person that reads that magazine. Why not be a little more unique? And at this price, it’s really easy to get something cool for a price that won’t put you in the poor house. To me, that’s a win/win situation. I know that there are lots of people in my life that would love something like this.

With all we know about the damage that our trash does to the world around us, I think it’s great that there are so many great ways to turn trash into treasure. All you need is a little creativity.