Ultra Portable Solar Charger

November 16th, 2010 BY slowbuddha | No Comments

The potential to use solar energy to recharge portable devices like phones and mp3 players is apparent. These devices are not used all the time and since they already have a rechargeable battery built in, all you need is a power source to recharge them. Plus, the still growing popularity of USB ports in phones means that solar panels can be easily adapted to any popular device. The limiting factor is always the size, durability, and price of the solar panels.

The solar powered case pictured fits the bill perfectly. It is designed to work with cameras, phones, and mp3/4 players while functioning as a protective case. The solar panels on the outside of the case connect to a internal 2500mAh lithium battery, storing the electrical energy. This means that the solar powered case is storing energy even if there is no device inside the case. By plugging the case into a wall outlet and quickly charging the battery, the case can serve as a backup battery for your portable device if you are planning on going on a long trip. It comes with an AC charger, a USB connect cable and a mobile phone plug to enable versatility.  You just put it in the case, plug it in and zip it up.  The cord stays concealed within the pouch.  You can purchase one for $32.99 through China Grabber.