Fetzer Eco-friendly Wine

April 22nd, 2010 BY dalgal | No Comments

If you’ve ever been to buy alcohol you’ll know it’s a veritable mine field, and if you’re eco-conscious it becomes even more-so! Recently we were given a bottle of Fetzer Chardonnay by friends which to my surprise had the tag “the earth friendly wine”! Naturally being eco-friendly I popped online to find more details and was happy with what I learned. Fetzer is a winery dedicated to promoting sustainability where it can from energy conservation and packaging reduction to printing on recycled paper. They won the 2009 Waste Reductions Award Program from California Integrated Waste Management Board and many more environmental accolades can be found on their website. Fetzer says their goal is not only for our customers to be able to taste the difference
but to also feel good about what they’re serving.

Protecting Natural Resources

  • Since 1999, Fetzer has reduced water usage by 24% or 8 million gallons
  • In cost-sharing collaborations with government agencies, Fetzer undertook conservation and restoration efforts of Dooley and McNab Creeks, two
    watersheds vital to the health of our winegrowing region.
  • Fetzer utilizes a range of cover crops and promotes biodiversity in the
    vineyards and landscape.
  • Fetzer wine bottles use lightweight glass, which reduces their carbon
    footprint by 14%. Annually, the new bottles reduces glass usage by 16%
    (more than 2,100 tons)

Saving energy

  • By using biodiesel feul in many of their trucks and tractors Fetzer have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about four metric tons a year.
  • Atop Fetzer’s bottling facility is one of the wine industry’s largest
    solar array, which is capable of generating 1.1MM kilowatt hours of
    clean energy


>Still room for progress
According to their website their wines aren’t able to qualify for organic status, as although the grapes harvested on Fetzer property are grown without pesticides,
herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, in accordance with The USDA
National Organic Program, the do purchase extra grapes to meet demand from other suppliers who may not be organic. The white wines from Fetzer are  free of any animal products and are vegan friendly. However the red wines use organic egg whites in the fining process making them suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians but not vegans.

Check out Fetzer wines available in your local supermarket, our family really enjoyed the Fetzer Chardonnay, nice and smooth wine!