Eco-friendly toothbrushing

March 2nd, 2010 BY dalgal | No Comments

There are certain times where environmentally unfriendly products can be avoided by simply not using them or not purchasing them but sometimes with items such as toothbrushes which are necessary due to good oral hygiene. Thankfully now there are companies that are listening and making environmentally friendly options for us eco-consumers! One such company is Preserve, who manufactures amongst other things eco-friendly toothbrushes! Although the bristles of the toothbrush are new the handle on these environmentally friendly toothbrushes is made with 100% recycled #5 plastic, usually from used yogurt cups. The #5 plastic is one not often offered for recycling in a lot of neighborhoods so this is a great use for those plastic containers you cannot recycle locally.

According to the Preserve website purchasing Preserve toothbrushes can have the following environmental impacts

  • At least 54% less water than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 64% less greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 75% less oil than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 48% less coal than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 77% less natural gas than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 46% less electricity than virgin polypropylene

The great thing about these toothbrushes is that along with being environmentally friendly they are also good for our teeth! The toothbrush itself has an easy to grip curved handle for those hard to reach places, and a three level bristle arrangement to massage the gums. Another great feature is that the products are BPA free and made in the USA therefore shipping is reduced, using less fuel and reducing the global footprint. Even the container/packaging is environmentally friendly! The reusable travel case each toothbrush comes in is made from wood-based plastics, and all the paper advertising is made using 100% recycled post consumer content. The toothbrushes come in a variety of colors and bristle firmness just like regular toothbrushes, however they are also competitively priced! One great feature they offer is a subscription service, which delivers one toothbrush to your home every three months. Great for those of us that simply forget!

When the toothbrush is past it’s usable life the good news doesn’t stop there! Preserve accepts the toothbrushes back for recycling into new products! Simply mail the toothbrushes (and other #5 plastics) to them and they’ll turn them into more toothbrushes and other fully recycled products! Give them a chance, support them in their environmentally friendly products and practices!