Eco-friendly toothpaste

March 9th, 2010 BY dalgal | No Comments

It seems whatever products we purchase these days we have to think twice about due to rampant overuse of dangerous chemicals, animal testing, sustainability of the product and potential recycling of used products. Some products are available to help though like “Tom’s of Maine” toothpaste. Tom’s of Maine was founded in 1970 and based on the idea that nature has answers to everyday needs, and that nature not chemicals were the answer. Over the years their teams of herbal experts, dental health professionals and scientists have proven that nature really does work. 


In 1995 Toms of Maine toothpaste was the first natural toothpaste to be given approval from the American Dental Association, earning their seal of acceptance that the toothpaste is safe and effective. Toms of Maine also holds certifications that their product is Halal and Kosher, and is approved by Peta as being cruelty-free.


All the ingredients in their products are fully disclosed on their packaging, not only that but also the reasons WHY they are included and the source of the ingredient. This might not seem a big deal but for items that can be animal or vegetable based this is a huge resource, especially for vegans/vegetarians and those of religious cultures that don’t allow specific animal consumption. After all you wouldn’t imagine that toothpaste may contain animal products would you? However Glycerin used in many personal hygiene products can be animal or vegetable based so knowledge is power! Remember than animal farming uses so much more natural resources than vegetable farming so the more eco-friendly option would be vegetable based. Along the same lines Toms of Maine products contain no artificial colorants, perfumes, flavors or preservatives.


Toms of Maine seems to be all about offering their customers choice. Some eco-friendly people may be avoiding SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) while others may not care about this ingredient so Toms offers both SLS and SLS-free varieties. The same applies to Aluminum in deodorants and fluoride, offering both products with and without the ingredients so consumers can decide for themselves. This is not only beneficial to the consumer but good business practice for the company. Most consumers aren’t ready to switch to an all natural product so offering these hybrids is a great idea!

Product recycling

One great thing about Toms is on their website is that along with providing manufacturing information, ingredients and ways in which the company helps he earth they have a list of all the packaging and give information as to whether the packaging is recyclable. This is for the consumer awareness so we can continue their vision and recycle where possible.

Company take-over?

A few years ago Toms of Maine sold the majority of its stock to Colgate-Palmolive. Initially eco-friendly consumers were wary of the take-over but it appears that the companies have held true to their word and kept the companies values separate. Colgate as many will know relies on chemicals and animal testing for it’s products whereas Toms of Maine is fully natural and eco-friendly. Whilst some eco-conscious consumers still balk at the idea of finding Colgate with their purchases maybe we should look at the bigger picture and show the big corporations that we want the natural products and hopefully they’ll sit up and take notice and change their other products over to more natural alternatives also.