Top 3 Natural Deodorants for Men and Women

December 14th, 2009 BY nparkington | No Comments
Burt Bee

Have you been on a quest to find the best natural deodorant
for you that does not contain parabens or aluminum? My goal has been to find products made with natural ingredients,
that are not tested on animals, and that make me feel like I am making a

Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants and deodorants
that stops you from sweating – or glistening
if you’re a lady (as my mother used
to say). It’s very good at what it
does so finding a product that has to figure out how to stop us from sweating
naturally is difficult and in my opinion has not yet been mastered. So, there
comes a little bit of a compromise when going natural: minor perspiration. You
may find it uncomfortable to feel moisture under your arms but with a fresh
herbal smell to quell any signs of odor a little humidity there is almost okay.

I took it upon myself to give several brands a try over the
past six months. Some of the brands and products I tested were too sticky, too
weak, or just flat out did not work at all. Others did a decent job and smelled
very fresh and natural, unlike the powdery smell Secret made famous for women
or cologne-like fragrance Old Spice brings to a man’s underarm. Of the many I
tried, three stood out to me as keepers and they are all unisex: 

(1)  Burt Bee’s Herbal Deodorant

At $8 a bottle it’s a great deal
and leaves you smelling fresh like sage and lemon with a hint of lavender.
Great for men and women.


(2)  Nature’s Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress

At about $6 per stick it’s another
good deal. “Hypo-allergenic formula leaves no residue behind; 100% free of
paraben, aluminum chlorohydrate, and propylene glycol; biodegradable and
certified vegan.”

(3)  Origins Totally Pure Deodorant

At $15 per bottle it’s a decent
deal and has a nice fragrance to it. “The vim of Organic Vinegar (used in
countless folk recipes for its pure cleaning abilities) purifies. Our 100%
Organic essential oil blend including Clove Oil (long known for its purifying
benefits), Organic Lemon, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Lavender, Organic
Mandarin, Organic Patchouli, Organic Palmorosa, Organic Ginger help keep that
fresh from the shower.”