Use These Products For Sinus Problems

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Natra-Bio Cold & Sinus Nasal Spray
Scientifically developed NatraBio natural Cold & Sinus Nasal Spray has been specially formulated with echinacea and goldenseal to help relieve the toughest cold symptoms. NatraBio Cold & Sinus Nasal Spray provides all natural relief from cold & sinus symptoms without the use of antihistamines and is a non-addictive continuous use formula with no side effects and no contraindications, which is obviously a plus.

Hylands Sinus – 100 Tabelts
Formerly Hyland’s #47, Hyland’s Sinus is a traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of runny nose with clear to yellow or milky discharge and nasal and sinus congestion due to cold. Working without contraindications or side effects, Hyland’s Sinus stimulates your body’s natural healing response to relieve symptoms. Hyland’s Sinus is safe for adults and children and can be used in conjunction with other medications.

Peaceful Mountain Sinus Rescue
All natural, ionic silver nasal spray Most sinus infections originate from airborne virus and bacteria that lodge in the warm, moist mucous membranes of the nasal and sinus passages. They form in colonies there that can double in size every 20 minutes! If the infection is not terminated, the delicate sinus membranes become completely inflamed, resulting in a painful condition. Ionic Silver may be an effective tool for supporting your immune system in the presence of emerging strains of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Sinol All Natural Allergy and Sinus Relief Spray
Sinol All-Natural Nasal Spray with Capsaicin. Sinol is non-addictive with no harsh side effects and can be used with other medication but ask your doctor if Sinol is right for you! Sinol is used by leading allergists from across the U.S. Sinol All-Natural Nasal Spray with Capsaicin is for the fast relief of allergy and sinus conditions. Sinol quickly relieves congestion and headaches. Keeps nasal passages moist. For best results use before bed, in the morning and anytime during the day as needed. Sinus infections can take up to two weeks to clear up. Sinol is all natural and can be used liberally up to 12 times a day.