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Being a vegetarian of almost 20 years I am always on the lookout for vegetarian options in supermarkets and health stores, eager to try new products and support existing companies offering vegetarian options. One such product found recently was Vegetarian Chicken Drumsticks from Vegetarian Plus; parent company VegeUSA. We’ve tried a few other brands of fake chicken style meat with hit and miss results so we were eager to see how these fared for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.On the VegeUSA website their info states that:

Founded in 1998 VegeUSA specializes in vegetarian products. In today’s health conscious world, the demand for wholesome, nourishing food is increasing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, there is a stigma that healthy foods are bland, uninteresting or tasteless. We here at VegeUSA realize that food should not only be healthy, but tasty. That is why we have our culinary and nutrition experts travel worldwide to personally sample and evaluate vegetarian products. We strive to find and import products made with the freshest and highest quality vegetarian ingredients. Taste is our guide to excellence.

We were short on time and decided to microwave these Drumsticks (found in the frozen aisle of Whole Foods) which took just two minutes and they were a definite hit with all our dinner guests! The VegeUSA drumsticks definitely had a chicken-like texture and meat eaters amongst us confirmed that they also had a chicken-like flavor. Personally I like that these drumsticks were also moist, which for most chicken style products is rare. In the box are approximately 7-8 drumsticks with a sachet of curry dipping sauce, we preferred to eat ours with peanut satay sauce, delicious!

Each packet contains approximately 3.5 servings, and the nutritional content is 180 calories per serving, 10g of fat and a whopping 18g of protein. I’m not sure if that information is including the dipping sauce? I assumed so. I personally would prefer the option to buy these without the curry sauce. Methods of cooking include stove top, oven, deep frying or microwaving. The best part, aside from the taste taste, was that these are made from non-gmo soy which makes them very eco-friendly!

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