Fending Off Pests With Plants

August 5th, 2008 BY jennl | 1 Comment

Attempting to keep pests from out of the garden is hard enough as is with there being so many different pests that seem to enjoy eating and making a temporary home in the garden. While store bought pesticides are very easy to come across they aren’t really all that great for the environment, and can sometimes do more harm than good to a garden, which is mostly invisible to the human eye.

One of the easiest, not to mention best, ways to fend off pests is with plants. As ironic as it may sound plants are wonderful for fending off pests, native plants to be precise. The reason why native plants work so well is because they have a natural defense against pests and bad weather in their native area.

There are many places that sell a wide range of plants, however, before purchasing plants that are native to your area you need to know which ones are in fact native to your area. eNature.com provides a search tool to find out what plants, trees, shrubs, vines, aquatic plants, cacti, etc. are native in your area. Two other plant finder search tools are PlantNative and also on the CleanWater Services website. Simply do you research online for plants that are native in your area. You wouldn’t believe the possibilities.

For a few quick tips read over the following list in order to learn how to control pests naturally with plants:

Plant marigolds to fend off flies, aphids, and many other insects. Keep in mind that while marigolds do fend off most insects they do not repel slugs. Often enough slugs will climb up their stems and chew on their leaves.
Plant radishes to fight off cucumber beetles.
Plant oregano and or anything from the mint family to safeguard plants from ants.
Plant basil and or garlic to fend off mosquitoes.
Plant rosemary and sage to keep cabbage moths at bay. Plant mint with broccoli and cabbage to keep cabbage moths away as well.
Plant celery and thyme in order to keep cabbage worms away.
Plant eggplants with potatoes to trap potato bugs.
Plant peppers and tomatoes to keep flies away.