Grow Food in Your Kitchen

September 30th, 2010 BY slowbuddha | No Comments

I am always excited to find new and innovative indoor gardening ideas. A lot of people living in urban settings simple don’t have the yard space to grow an outdoor garden of their own, and indoor arrangements offer a beautiful alternative. Plus, the presence of healthy green plants will freshen up any home and the produce, though perhaps modest, still adds a special touch to a meal. Knowing the plants grew under your care is an irreplaceable feeling.

Pictured above is a kitchen island designed by Peter Buley. Made from walnut and steel, the island serves the secondary function as a small hydroponic garden; the perfect blend of style and function. One of the primary concerns for any garden is the level and quality of sunlight. This dictates the kind of plants that can be grown and their prosperity. Buley’s design addresses this by mounting grow lights to the underside of the island.

Peter Buley is a Brooklyn-based designer who chooses to focus his work on reclaimed materials and sustainable construction methods. He is also working on prototypes of kitchen islands that include integrated composting, and other eco-friendly waste management systems. Check out the picture portfolio on his website and you are sure to be intrigued by the creative and beautiful work he has done.