Organic Towels for Your Health?

January 24th, 2012 BY jareds | No Comments

Organically grown cotton is becoming a big deal these days due to all of the information coming out of India regarding the effects of GM cotton. GM cotton– otherwise known as “Bt Cotton”– is a scourge in the developing world for using more water, requiring great amounts of pesticide and herbicide use, and killing goats that graze on the fields. The reason this is important is because the majority of the cotton used in most clothes, linens, and towels is entirely GM, meaning that it is nearly impossible to avoid GM products in just about anything you buy.

When you are buying organic cotton linens, you’re not just buying something that was farmed in a responsible manner. You’re buying something that is not going to contribute to the large number of skin conditions that are being attributed to these GM products. Furthermore, you are not going to be contributing to a system that abuses foreign farmers because they can get away with it. All of these things turn out to make buying organic cotton a very responsible choice not just on an environmental scale but on a human scale as well.

One of the best types of things you can get with organic cotton is towels. Not only do they take a lot of cotton to make, but they are covering your body when it is wet and therefore more likely to develop skin irritation. Our Green House has a load of different options for you to choose from when you’re buying organic towels. They really make the whole process much simpler to follow, and it is very easy to get exactly what you’re looking for when you use their site.

The thing that I really love about Our Green House is that they make it very simple to find a lot of different products for your home, and I use them quite often. It’s great that when you need something new for your house, or want to switch a current product you use for a more environmentally friendly one, you don’t have to do a ton of research to find something great. It’s all right there.