Bamboo Racer Toy

November 27th, 2010 BY slowbuddha | No Comments

To make an ecofriendly toy is, well, to make a simple toy using natural and sustainable materials. The problem with a lot of popular toys today is that they produce large quantities of e-waste. All those plastic gadgets with their lights and moving parts eventually break and when they break, they are tossed in the garbage and sent away. This results in ton after ton of discarded materials that will never decompose and have little to no recycling potential. The key to avoiding all of this is to create simple toys from all natural materials.

The toy maker HaPe has create a line of toys known as their Bamboo Collection.  Bamboo’s rapid growth and low environmental impact makes it a sustainable, economical, and earth-friendly raw material.  As part of the Bamboo Collection, HaPe has created a collection of bamboo E-Racer vehicles for kids. The sleekly designed toy cars, as pictured above, feature bamboo (due to its advantages as a renewable material) and is decorated with a sporty paint job of safe, water-based paint. The E-Racers are built with the intent of creating the lowest possible environmental impact while producing a fun toy that young children will love to play with. The cars are intended for  children ages 3 years and above.