Recycled Keyboard Photo Frame

November 19th, 2010 BY slowbuddha | No Comments

The greatest issues with recycling are the energy demand of processing raw materials and then finding uses for the new, not very likely to be homogenous, recycled materials. Papers are readily turned into shipping materials and yard trimmings into mulch, but it is very challenging to find new uses for recycled plastics (aside from plastic bottles, which are used in new plastic bottles). The most ecofriendly and cost effective way of recycling materials is always to reuse them is an unprocessed state. The Recycled Keyboard Photo Frame does just that; made from keyboard keys, the frame will catch the eye of anyone interested in technology, computing and/or recycling.

The Recycled Keyboard Frame, designed and made by Two’s Company, uses salvaged keyboard keys to produce their picture frame. Due to the fact that keys are not arranged in any particular order during the building process, each frame is unique and independent from the rest. Maybe if you are really lucky, you can find a frame that spells out a funny or inappropriate word.

The frames are composed of materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere. Keyboards are one of many pieces of technology that are rarely dealt with properly. When people have decided they don’t want it anymore, they tend to toss it in a trash bin without a second thought. The Recycled Keyboard Frame fights this careless disposal while highlighting its own re-purposing of the keys.

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