Reusable Bags: Gifts for anyone, anytime

December 15th, 2009 BY nparkington | No Comments

In the midst of the holidays this year or if you’re simply in the need of a great gift idea you may want to consider
what you can give to friends, family, and co-workers that:

(1) they will use,

(2) will make them happy,

(3) will keep your holiday budget
manageable, and

(4) is good for the environment. 

My advice is to hop onto and order a stack of reusable bags to give away. They even do custom print
orders for you if you’d like to add a cute saying, a photo, or a pattern. I
worked with ECOBAGS earlier this year for a Green Bridal Show in San Diego, CA
and they were a real pleasure (see You can see our custom printed recycled canvas tote in the photo below. 

You can select from recycled cotton, organic cotton, or
standard canvas as well as produce bags, woven bags, and a variety of other
products. Prices are reasonable and the quality is unmatched.  If you have the option, try to avoid
the bags made from petroleum products since natural materials are better for
the environment all around. However, it is important to encourage a change in
behavior for others who aren’t so green… reusing any bag is a step in the right direction. Suggest that friends and family keep a few bags in their car, coat closet, purse, or any other frequently visited spot so that they remember to use and reuse the bags. 

For gift giving, fill these reusable bags with goodies unique
for each recipient to make the present extra special. Some ideas are to fill
with organic holiday cookie baking ingredients, fill with a hand-knit hat and
mittens, add a few used books and some fancy organic tea bags, or fill with a
six-pack of a local microbrew of your choice and some salty snacks to
complement the beverages. This is a great “anytime” gift too. think birthdays, housewarming, congratulations, thank you, or any other occasion. Enjoy and write in with some of your other ideas!