Text Messaging Smoke Detector

July 16th, 2011 BY slowbuddha | No Comments

Smoke detectors have long been the first line of defense for protecting people from smoke and fire. This smoke detector is advancing right along with trends in technology. The alarm is a fully functioning smoke detector that has been equipped with a built in SIM card. When the alarm is triggered, the detector will send a text message to up to four phone numbers, warning of the detection.

The creator, Matthew Newman, details his invention:

“Each year I would go and visit family in South Africa and when arriving back I would always have the fear that our house had burnt down through an electrical fault. This fear was elevated when we moved to a new town and bought a house in need of serious renovation. So one year after we had arrived back I decided to fit a smoke alarm. Whilst fitting it I had my eureka moment. I realized that this still wouldn’t ease my fears. As the house had concrete ceilings I couldn’t get an electrical cable to the smoke alarm which then lead me to look for a battery powered smoke alarm with SMS capability.”

“I would have preferred a hard wired photoelectric smoke detector instead of a battery powered ionizing one; they are a little less sensitive and do not have radioactive isotopes in them. Also, people tend to let the batteries run down; it would be nice if it sent you a text message when it was time to replace them. However it is loaded with a lithium battery that will last two to four years in average use, and most people, like Matthew, do not have convenient wiring.”