My New(ish) Solar Charger

November 26th, 2011 BY jareds | No Comments

I was looking through my house today, trying to find ways to save a little extra cash on energy. As I went around the house, I looked at all the things that were plugged in that didn’t need to be: the TV, the dryer, the microwave, the Wii, and all that stuff. None of this stuff needs to be plugged in unless I’m using it, but they still use small amounts of power when they’re plugged in. After going through the house unplugging everything, I started thinking about other ways to charge my stuff.

Then I started thinking about personal solar panels. Right now, it may not be the best time of year to talk about these things. After all, the sun isn’t really a big part of anyone’s life during the winter. However, those sunny days will rear their heads once more in a few months, and then these solar panels will be a great investment to have around.

I didn’t really know how great of an investment they were until I started looking into them a bit more. I was expecting them to cost about four times as much as they really do, which is a funny little indication of just how far the technology has come over the years. Five years ago, a little charger to charge your phone would have run you around $200 bucks. Now, it’ll run you about $50. It’s crazy how times change!

So I ordered one for myself. I decided to go with the Kiwi U-Powered Portable Power Source. I’m just planning on using it to charge my phone, but I think it’s pretty cool to possibly use it as my sole source of power to charge my phone once the sun comes back. I’ll let you know how everything turned out once I finally get to use it, so stay tuned for any updates. This is just another great example of the ways that we can all rescue ourselves from the technological slavery that oil is putting us into. If this one works out, I’m definitely going to be thinking more about solar in the future for my other projects.