Sleeping in Sustainable Style

March 9th, 2012 BY jareds | No Comments

So, if the last few posts have been any indication, I am an avid outdoor person. I love being outside, and backpacking in the beautiful mountains that form the backdrop of my hometown is one of the best ways I can think of to spend a weekend or a week. One thing that I really do hate about the whole outdoor recreation thing is that it seems like I’m stuck with buying non-environmentally-friendly stuff for most of my gear all the time. When it comes to clothes, it’s never all that difficult to find great gear. Just go on the Patagonia website and get going. However, this generally is not how things are in the world of actual gear like tents and sleeping bags.

Enter the GoLite RS. This is a very light-weight bag that is as affordable as it is light and warm. Not only is it affordable, but it’s made out of a substantial amount of recycled materials. The filling and the outer material are all made out of some proportion of recycled materials, and it is a very warm and beautiful bag. The problem with a lot of these bags that offer recycled filling is that they really don’t pack down worth a damn. They are too bulky to fit into regular backpacking backpacks, forcing you to let the whole thing out in your pack to help balance better. The big problem with this is, however, that this completely eliminates your ability to pack out quick at night. You have to take your gear entirely out to get to your bag, and that is a real pain. The GoLite RS eliminates those problems and gives you a very high quality bag at a very reasonable price.

It’s kind of an exciting time to be interested in environmentally friendly stuff. There are a bunch of new ways coming out for us all to be a little more responsible with our purchases, and that is a great thing to be proud of. With time, we may see even better gear coming out at the consumer price level.