Help Your Feline Friends Play Eco-Friendly Too

The majority of pets owners have either a cat or a dog or used to at some point in their lives. Cats are typically easier to go eco-friendly with because of the types of toys that they play with. Today I have some products to show you that will not only help entertain your feline friend but also help the environment out as well. Catnip toys can be quite a catch with cats :). A friend of mine who used to have five cats at one time used catnip toys for them all of the time. Take a look…

Yellow Fish Catnip Toy
Fish-shaped cat toy filled with only organic catnip. Cat gone fishin? At over 7″ long and completely filled with potent Yeowww! organic catnip, these fish are keepers! Filled with 100% organic catnip.

Apple Catnip Toy
Round apple-shaped cat toy filled to the seams with 100% Yeowww! organic catnip. An apple a day keeps the vet away! Be the apple of your cat’s eye. Filled with 100% organic catnip.

Barn Mouse Catnip Toy
Bringing the mouse to the house! West Paw Design’s newest mouse toy is made from durable faux suede and silky soft material with long curled ears, wispy whiskers, button nose, and a dangling leather tail. So soft and cute your cat may want to cuddle instead of pounce! Filled with certified USDA organic catnip. Comes in two different colors.

Kickin’ Chicken Catnip Toy
Old McDonald never had a chicken that looked this good! With long spindly legs made of cotton cord and a tuft of white faux fur hair, this chicken will hold a cat’s attention all day. West Paw Design’s durable corduroy material is generously stuffed with organically grown catnip and finished with a tinkling bell. Filled with certified USDA organic catnip.

Stinkies Catnip Sardine
Yeowww! Stinkies catnip sardine is a colorful eye-catching fish – a keeper, naturally – filled to the gills with 100 percent Yeowww! organically grown catnip. The catnip sardine is over 3″ long and jammed full of intensely powerful Yeowww! organic catnip. This little fish will reel in the big cat.