8 Best Electronics and Computer Recycling Services in Austin

With increased consumerism, electronic gadgets and materials are disposed of by consumers every year as soon as they upgrade to a newer model. Electronic materials contain hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment. The heavy metals, plastic, and glass in electronic components are dumped in a landfill, and these substances can then seep into the waterways and pollute the air.

Only 15-20 percent of all e-waste is recycled in the U.S. Yet nearly 100 percent of e-waste is recyclable. Recycling e-waste will decrease the demand for mining heavy metals and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing new materials. Here are some recycling companies in Austin that provide an ethical and environmentally safe way to dispose of e-waste.


Austin, TX 78758

(512) 714-3939

R3eWaste is one of the foremost recycling centers in Austin, and they are continually working on improving their services on electronic waste management. Electronic components contain materials and chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and that’s where R3eWaste comes in. R3eWaste has been given the prestigious certifications of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. ISO 14001 ensures that a company systemically manages its environmental responsibilities to ensure the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the planet. ISO 45001 certifies that a company adheres to the safety and health regulations and reduces the risk of an occupational hazard.

They provide a responsible outlet for all electronic waste. R3eWaste collects electronic materials from a business at no extra cost. They ensure that sensitive components such as data centers are carefully disassembled to ensure that a company’s sensitive data stays secure. Pallet and wrapping services are provided as needed. They even maintain a zero-landfill policy and give back to local communities. Their address is R3eWaste, 2216 Rutland Drive. Suite B. Austin, TX. 78758 and they can be reached by calling (512) 714-3939.

ATX Global Trading Mission

ATX Global Trading Mission supports the reuse, reduce, and recycle motto when it comes to electronic waste. The company’s mission is to be a provider of all used electrical components and retail products. The company’s goal is to protect the environment while ensuring the social, economic, and positive impact of their local community, people, stakeholders, employees, and customers. They have been certified on various policies— occupational health and safety, quality, environmental health and safety, pollution prevention, and reuse. Their address is ATX Global Trading, 4125 Felter Lane. Austin, TX 78744 and their contact number is (512) 743-9331.

E-cycle Enterprises

E-cycle Enterprises is an ethical electronics disposal company where they safely recycle all unwanted, broken, or outdated electronics. They provide both ethical electronic waste management, as well as safe and reliable data destruction. They offer their services to healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, financial, automobile, mining, electronics, retail, and service industries.

They are well equipped to handle any special requests that a business might have according to their industry needs. E-cycle Enterprises have been awarded the prestigious certification of NAID AAA. NAID is one of the widely recognized and stringent Data Security Certification Programs in the world. They offer residential pick-up services in Austin and most major U.S. cities. Located at E-Cycle Enterprises, 14814 Venture Drive, Farmers Branch, TX 75234, their contact number is (682) 313-9646.

Texas Computer and Electronic Recycling

Texas Computer and Electronic Recycling provide full-service, EPA-permitted recycling, including pick up and removal from thousands of Texas-based companies. Trucks, workforce, and tools will be provided to ensure safe removal of all designated materials and transfer to a secured, compliant facility. They provide residential pick up anywhere in Austin. Their address is Austin, Texas, 21653 High Dr. Leander, Austin. TX 78645, and they can be reached by calling (512) 337-3671.

Cinco Electronics Recycling

Cinco Electronics Recycling provides a wide range of recycling services for corporate and individual customers in Austin, Texas. They take old, outdated electronics and ensure that they are safely disposed of or reused and recycled in an environmentally safe manner. They have been given the prestigious certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and R2 (Responsible Recycler). These certifications ensure strict adherence to policies that positively impact both the environment and the customers, stakeholders, and employees. They accept residential drop-offs. Their address is Texas – Dallas. 2725 South State Hwy 360, Suite 200. Grand Prairie, Texas 75052, and their phone number is (512) 693-8888.

Z-tech Global

Z-tech Global provides responsible recycling and remarketing solutions for old, unwanted electronic materials and computers. Customized solutions are offered in I.T. asset management, material recovery, and remarketing of computers and I.T. equipment. To protect businesses and individuals’ sensitive data, they provide sensitive data sanitization and hard drive shredding services. They comply with the environmental, health, and safety management system of the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. They provide residential drop offs. Their address is 8812 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78757, and they can be contacted by calling (512) 697-9604.

R2 Corporation

R2 Corporation (Resale Resource/Recycling Resource) is a Texas-based organization that provides environmentally certified computer and electronics recycling services. They are committed to safeguarding the environment, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building a premier asset recovery and recycling company. They provide logistics, certified data destruction, inventory management, event collections, specialized equipment for customers, and recycling. R2 Corporation has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, ISO 14001:2015 Certification, OHSAS 45001:2018 Certification, and R2:2013 Certification. They provide residential drop offs. Their address is 10200 McKalla Place #200, Austin, TX 78758, and their contact number is (512) 815-2925.

Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Centre

Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Centre is the city of Austin’s recycling center. Residents can ensure the safe disposal of their unwanted electronic waste by dropping them off at the center. The service is free for Austin residents, and businesses are not eligible to drop off hazardous waste. The residents must bring products in original containers that are five gallons or smaller. Currently, the drop off center is closed due to increasing concerns about COVID-19, and drop offs are no longer accepted. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 1088. Austin, TX 78767, and their contact number is 3-1-1.

E-waste is a significant problem that we are facing on a global scale. Every person must dispose of their electronic waste responsibly and ethically. Once we begin to take small steps to improve the environment, we will see increasingly positive results. If you’re ready to schedule e-waste recycliing, call 512-714-3939 now!

Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes


There are a lot of people dealing with upcycled fabrics and clothes. In fact, quite of few of these places have found a home on Etsy and other similar sites that put customers in touch with small craftsmen. There is a large market out there for clothing that is made out of recycled fabrics. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular overall fashions in the country and they are also lowering in price as demand grows. If you are interested in buying yourself some recycled clothes, you may find yourself being a little picky at times. After all, you don’t know who was wearing those old clothes last, and that can have a tendency to freak some people out. The best way to avoid worrying about something like this is to simply buy from a reputable dealer or a reputable clothing creator.

Zasra Shop at Etsy

There are a lot of great shops on Etsy that let you buy upcycled clothes, but the stuff being sold at the Zasra shop in the Etsy marketplace is taking it to another level. A lot of people simply make stuff that “looks” like clothes out of older clothes. They feel like they can bring in customers no matter what the clothes look like since the fabrics are upcycled and that’s what customers “really” want. Zasra doesn’t take this tact. This store actually provides you with clothing that will be something that you’d be proud to wear for more than just environmental reasons. The selection here is great and you’ll like what you see.

Anita Spero Design Shop at Etsy

Also on Etsy, you will find the Anita Spero Design shop to be a high-class operation with a lot of great upcycled clothes. The clothes here are stylish and they can be worn for any occasion from formal events to lounging around at home. This shop really makes it easy to shop with an environmentally-friendly mindset.

Great Kitchen Ideas

green feather duster

One of the most wasteful parts of any home is always the kitchen. Everything gets wasted here. Water gets wasted constantly. Food gets wasted. Paper gets wasted. Plastic wrap gets wasted. Everything gets tossed away in the hubbub of getting dinner done and the dishes washed, and in between, we all produce quite a lot of waste here. While waste is a cycle that is borne mostly out of a desire for efficiency, it can be mitigated through the use of appropriate items throughout our kitchens. Two great ways to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly in the kitchen are:

Biobag Compostable Trash Bags

These bags are absolutely great. Not only can you use them for regular trash, but you can compost them in your compost pile just like you would compost a paper bag. The secret is what it’s made out of. The plastic here isn’t quite the same as the plastic you’ve become accustomed to over the years. Instead of the nasty, oil-based plastics we more commonly use, the Biobag Compostable Trash Bag will break down in a very short amount of time. The secret is in its chemistry. The plastic in the bag is made out of corn starches, meaning it has a much more natural rate of decay than a plastic bag.

Green Cleaning Products

There are a lot of options out there if you want to use green cleaning products. I personally like the Seventh Generation line of products, but there are a lot of choices. If you’re new to using green cleaning products, then I recommend getting a gift basket of some type that will give you the chance to see how many different environmentally-friendly cleaners work.

Bamboo Everything

bamboo stalks

There are a few different options out there for people looking to have a more sustainable lifestyle. First, you can always just use reusable things. This is probably the simplest of all things you could do, and it will probably have the most immediate effect. However, if you simply need to use something that is lightweight, and that you may be OK with tossing every now and then, then you can’t go wrong with bamboo.

Not only does bamboo look good, but it’s light and it’s very sustainable. Some types of bamboo can grow feet in just a single day, meaning that there’s even less time spent between seeding and harvesting. Not only does this mean it’s a very useful product, but it also means that it’s a much more sustainable one. After all, if resource managers can get tons of bamboo out of one spot over and over again, why would they ever need to branch out into other spots?

I specifically like this travel set on Treehugger.com if you are looking for something nice, attractive, and sustainable. The great thing about this utensil set is that it comes with a very cool carrying case, making it very easy to tote around with you wherever you go. The size of the case doesn’t seem to be very proprietary or anything, so if you ever need to replace the bamboo with metal or other bamboo utensils, then it’s going to work just as well.

In the end, this is just a cool little thing to have around. It’s simple things like this that really add up over time to make your life much more sustainable, and really that much easier to live. If you are looking for any other green living ideas, Treehugger.com is a great place to start. This is especially true if you’re looking for recycled goods or anything of that nature. Good luck!

Usable Bike Chains, Part Deux

bike chains

I’ve talked about bike chain-themed wares on this site before, but this is a really interesting take on what can be done with a chain. This bike chain picture frame by Graham Bergh is a great little piece that adds a very unique flavor to any photo and room arrangement. The greatness of the piece lies within its utilitarian, yet infinitely versatile, look. This is definitely a piece that can make people stop and take a peek, and it is a wonderful addition to any home.

First, they start off much the same as many other items of this nature. They start off as old, useless junk that most people have already written off as trash. This is where Bergh and his small team of designers come into play. They put themselves in the right place at the right time to grab the best chains they can to do a lot of different things with. Some of the chains get turned into those awesome little bottle openers I talked about a few posts ago. Others get turned into these frames. The ones that aren’t up to snuff in terms of quality are either tossed or donated to local schools that teach bike maintenance. Either way, every effort possible has been made to do something with these chains other than just dump them off.

The thing that is really great about this piece is that it invokes a certain “steampunk-esque” feel to just about any living arrangement. The patterns of the chain are delicate, and they contrast with the brute strength of the steel chain, making for a very interesting melding of form and function. This is also great for the frame since it means that it is very abrasion resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about messing the frame up until it’s busted beyond repair.

There are a lot of great ways to make your home much more eco-friendly without really going to that much trouble. The simplest ways are always the best ways, and it doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than just intercepting something on its way to the dump.

Newspaper Earrings

stack of newspapers

I recently had an anniversary with my wife (only two years, hold your applause), and I wanted to get her some interesting stuff to mark the occasion. She’s big into recycled clothes and jewelry and stuff like that, so I figured one of the things I’d get here would be recycled paper earrings. They looked cool and kind of funky like her, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m glad I did, and so is she. This is a great way to reuse something old and make something really neat out of it.

For one thing, who the hell knew that you could even do this in the first place? I never even thought that you could ever use newspaper to make earrings. I mean, I’m no crafty son of a gun or anything, but I consider myself to be a fairly worldly type of person and I had never even thought that it was possible to do something like this. Upon further inspection of the process, I felt a little embarrassed that I was so thoroughly impressed by this whole thing, but I stand by my amazement. It’s a good idea, and good ideas deserve an appropriate level of amazement to mark the occasion.

So, here’s the background. The company that makes these Recycled Newspaper Earrings is a co-op in Cambodia. They work to put kids in school and keep them off the streets. The newspaper you’re wearing was actually something that they found on a street in Cambodia. They use a water-based varnish on the paper to keep it in the ball shape– but it’s water-based so it doesn’t agitate your skin or anything. I thought it was pretty great that they were not only helping to keep Cambodia clean but that they were also working to help kids get an education that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. No matter how you slice it, this is a cool little piece of kitsch that actually looks cool.

Scrappy (Not Crappy) Scarves

different color scarves

Yeah, I thought it said crappy at first. I thought, what a horrible marketing schema to use… but man I was wrong. Upon further inspection, these things are actually pretty interesting, and by “these things” I mean Scrappy Scarves by the Scrappy Scarves company. They’re a Canadian company, which I’ve been glad to find since I know a bunch of people reading this blog are from Canada, and I’m sure you want to know about goods being made in your country. So here it is the Scrappy Scarf.

The name is sort of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there is the fact that it’s made out of old scrap cloth. On the other hand, they’re built to last. Scrappy, as it were. The great thing about these scarves is that you will literally have a one-of-a-kind scarf that will never be found elegantly draped around the neck of another person. This is something that I personally look for in just about anything I ever buy. I mean, if I’m going to be spending money on something, why on Earth would I want something that looks identical to thousands of other things? Especially when it comes to clothes, this kind of automatic individualism is a really great thing to have as an extra feature.

The quality is nothing to shake a stick at, either. Too many people seem to have it in their heads that an article of clothing made out of recycled clothes will just fall apart around them. Not so with this product. In fact, they seem to overcompensate for the old fabric by making sure to reinforce the joints of fabric to make sure that the whole thing holds together nicely. It doesn’t detract from how attractive these scarves are, and they will go with just about any type of outfit you can think of. Whether you like to dress a little funky or super-straight, you’ll be able to get a scarf that looks great with what you’re wearing. All that for a pretty decently reasonable price when compared to other types of “artisan” green clothes out there.

Vinyl Record Bowls: Blasphemy or Awesomemy?

vinyl record

There are a lot of different things that people do to turn old, useless junk into something usable. Not only is this great for the environment, but it is also a great way to create useful, kitschy stuff for around your home that says something about you. Sort of like the Vinyl Record bowl by Modern Artisans. For the music lover in your life, this is a great way to give a great eco-friendly gift that says something about them.

Or go ahead and buy it for yourself. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Whatever you do, there’s no doubt that you’ll be impressed by this thing. I’m not entirely sure how they force it to keep its “vinyl” look despite being warped like this, but it’s still pretty cool despite that. That’s really the great thing about these bowls that makes them really stand out. They still “look” like vinyl records, just warped into a bowl. It’s like you’re really eating off of a record of Buddy Hackett’s greatest hits… and maybe you are.

The bowls come in a number of genres as well. So if you’re a metalhead at heart, you can eat your mead and gruel off of an old UFO. If I could find a Rush album among the mix of bowls these guys sell, I can just about guarantee I would get it. It’s cool that you get that much control over what the bowl looks like, and it’s another way that a music lover can really tailor these bowls to say something about who they are and the role of music in his or her life.

Either way, it’s a great way to reuse something that would just go in a heap of trash outside the city limits anyway. As has been said time and time again, reusing is always better than buying new, and generally better than recycling. In fact, it’s the ULTIMATE form of recycling in that you’re cutting out the middle man and just using the thing itself instead of just the material.



I’m on a home-brewing KICK! And now I’m going to talk about homemade wine. I never really have done a whole lot with homemade wine before, but that’s mostly just because I’m not really much for wine. I’m a beer man, but it’s a pretty cool experiment to try and make your own wine. There are even a bunch of recipes out there for making wine with juice concentrate and bakers yeast, but I REALLY don’t recommend doing that. Unless you’re in prison. Then: knock yourself out.


For the rest of us, getting a good kit is essential for getting decent wine out of your experiment. There are even some very fancy sets out there that give you special wine pressing equipment and all of that. I’m not going to get into anything that crazy, but I can recommend a great beginners kit that I haven’t personally used but that a friend of mine has used with great success. It’s called the Strange Brew Wine Making Kit, and as a homebrewer, I can tell that this thing is well worth the money and time.


One thing that is great about this set is its simplicity. Some sets are full of confusing home brew components that can make the whole process seem way more complicated to a newbie than it has to be, and there’s really no good reason for that. Another thing that I love is that it has a glass carboy. The carboy is the thing that you’re doing the actual fermentation in before you do the initial bottling, and having a glass one is great because it allows you to actually see the fermentation going on. When it comes to wine fermentation, this is a great way to keep an eye on the fermentation process so you can see when it’s done. Aside from that, this kit has a very sturdy build and none of the parts that come with it are built out of that cheap, shaky plastic that makes you shake your head in shame at having spent money on them.

The Samsung Reclaim

samsung phone

As the name might tell you, the Samsung Reclaim is a little more than just another phone. It’s a newer type of phone that is looking to put a hurt on the immensely wasteful consumer electronics industry, and hopefully, make people think a little bit about the problem of “throwaway” technology while they’re at it. After all, it’s getting a little crazy out there in the electronics world.

The average person goes through a phone every year. Some people go through as many as three phones a year, and they’re always buying the newest and most “up to date” phone whenever it comes out. On the other hand, some people keep the same phone for years at a time because a phone is just that to them– a phone. Throughout the consumer electronics industry, there is a trend toward just tossing out old tech for the new tech that is just a month or two away.

The Samsung Reclaim, however, is made out of recycled materials through and through. Its casing is “reclaimed” from old recycled plastic, and the components are partially recycled from older phones and electronics. One of the other really great aspects of this phone is that it is made without PVC or other harmful materials that can leach out into your skin when it sweats. These things have been linked to cancer and other illnesses, so the Reclaim has taken them out of the equation entirely. The Reclaim instead opts for using less harmful materials and reduces its imprint on the world by significantly reducing the number of materials it uses in total.

In a world of throwaway technology, it’s nice that there’s something out there for the rest of us. If you’re not a smartphone addict, and you just need a great phone that is loaded with features and easy to use, the Samsung Reclaim is made almost entirely with you in mind. It’s worth noting that Samsung has recently overtaken every major cell phone manufacturer in the United States and Canada in terms of sales, so they’re obviously pretty keen at giving people what they want.