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  • home_security_surveillance_system

    Fun Ideas to Keep Your Home Safe

    Keeping your home safe is essential in today's society. As thieves get more cunning, it is important to stay one step ahead so you are not the victim [...]

  • fighting-to-save-the-planet-e2-80-a6one-board-room-at-a-time

    Saving the Planet One Community at a Time

    There is no such thing as too small a gesture when it comes to trying to save the planet. Every plastic bottle you recycle, every time you choose a [...]

  • kids-potting-shed-creations-1[1]

    Seeds for the Future

    So, with the season of gardening upon us, I have taken it upon myself to devolve into a flurry of motion with the singular intent of making my garden [...]

  • DCI-14086-1__99293_zoom[1]

    Take Your Coffee Anywhere

    If there's one thing that I really love, it is coffee. I could drink coffee all day long and I was drinking it before the hipsters came in and took it[...]

  • steady-stick-wine-bottle-holder[1]

    Stabilize Your Booze

    This is the season where the sun is shining, the leaves are coming back, the birds are singing, and people are flocking out to their favorite outdoor [...]

  • WW-YankeeStadiumSeatCuffLinks[1]

    Stadium Cufflinks

    For any sports fan, there really is no greater pleasure than owning a piece of history from a historic sports landmark. These pieces of history can co[...]

  • Yurt-construction-4[1]

    Something Completely Different

    This is a big purchase for sure, but it can be one that completely changes your life. Imagine for a moment that you have bought a new piece of land f[...]

  • ecographic[1]

    Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes

    There are a lot of people dealing in upcycled fabrics and clothes. In fact, quite of few of these places have found a home on Etsy and other similar s[...]

  • recycled-hardware-earrings-nuts-bolts-and-beads-washer-chain[1]

    Recycled Jewelry You'll Love

    In the world of recycled jewelry, there are a lot of comers and goers. This is because jewelry is often a fickle business that is started by people th[...]


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